List of Notices / Circulars

General notices and announcements related to activities around the estate. You must be logged on to see resident only announcements.

Bicycle Registration

Monday, September 25, 2017

Bike Registration

Dear Residents,

The Management will be carrying out a housekeeping exercise to keep track of the bicycles parked at the basement car park. This exercise will also help to remove the rusted,discarded and abandoned bicycles parked in the basement currently. All Residents are requested to register their bicycle(s) by Tuesday 31st October 2017.

The new online registration process is outlined below

Registration Process

Step 1 - Register Online

The online form is available under the forms section of the Butterworth 8 portal ( or direct link below. Please complete all mandatory fields on the registration page and submit your entry for Management approval. Please register all the bicycles that belong to your family one by one.

Step 2 - Email Approval

Once the management reviews your registration they will verify the details and approve the entry You will be informed of the approval by email.

Step 3 - Collect Tags

On approval proceed to the management office to collect (1) a bicycle tag that will be issued for each bicycle registered. Kindly secure the tag at the bar underneath your bicycle such that it is visible to Security for easy identification as a Butterworth 8 bicycle.

Step 4 - Apply Tags

It is the responsibility of the resident to ensure that bicycle tags given have been applied to their bicycles. This will ensure that your bicycles will not be removed by mistake.

--- === ---

Please note that any bicycles found without the tags after 31st October 2017 will be considered abandoned and will be removed without further notice.

Residents who are not registered with the Butterworth 8 Portal may approach Management office and get registered asap as we will start using the portal for all communications and registrations going forward.


The Management MCST 2934



Thursday, November 23, 2017


There have been 2 incidents when someone impersonated the Condo Manager. The impersonator
called a service provider to make arrangement for certain work to be carried out the estate and
even made complaint to a service provider about the service standard of that service provider.
We are treating the impersonation a serious matter. A police report has been made.
Photos of all working staff at Butterworth 8 are displayed at the notice board.The existing condo
manager of this estate is Renald Ng.
We also suggest the following steps be taken to mitigate further impersonation. Please use the
web portal for service request or feedback. Feedback form can also be obtained from the
Management Office, if required. If you suspect of any impersonation, it is always good for you to
ring or write to the Management Office for further verification.
All work for the common property shall only be authorised through the Management Office. No
resident should activate any service provider for any kind of work at the common property.

high rise littering

Monday, November 13, 2017



This is a reminder that it is an offence to litter from high rise building.

Offender caught will be refer and handed to police immediately.



Parents and guardians are advice to be at all times be with the children using the swimming pool or playground.


We wish to appeal to all residents to refrain from such irresponsible practices.


Monday, November 13, 2017

ur Ref: 2017/2934/notice/055


Date: 31 October 2017




Dear Residents ,




This is to inform all that the fax Line 6747 3194 for the office and the Nets system at the basement is terminated due to low usage.


The termination starts with effect from 1 November 2017.


Extension period for bicycle Tagging

Saturday, November 11, 2017

The exercise for bicycle tagging will be extentended till  30 November 2017. Please register through your web portal.